Now in 3 locations:

Home of the $7.95
Wedding Ties

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THE TIE SHOP Locations:

South Jordan - 10481 S. Redwood Road238 E Winchester St. (6400 S)
Three doors north from Harmons in Jordan Market Place

MURRAY - 238 E Winchester St. (6400 S)
South from Fashion Place Mall and accross the
 street from Sears near Seagull Book

OGDEN - in Newgate Mall between Sears and the movie theaters

Dress & Missionary Ties  $7.95

Wedding Ties   $7.95

Men & Children's Zipper Ties   $10.95 

 Children Clip-on Ties   $7.95

    Temple Ties:  clip-ons, zipper,
                           & regular

 We have a huge selection:
     Wedding ties
     Missionary ties
     Dress ties
     Adult Zipper ties
     Teenage ties
     Junior ties
     Children's Zipper ties
         (2 sizes)
     Daddy & Son matching ties
     Children clip-on ties (3 sizes)
     White temple ties
     Sports ties
     Religious ties
     Professional ties
     Bow Ties
     Seasonal Ties:
          Valentines Day
          Father's Day
          4th of July
          Thanksgiving ties  
          Christmas ties
     Choir Ties

 Murray Store:
ne:  801-262-5250
     Hours:  Mon to Sat 10 am to 8 pm
                    Sunday closed

 South Jordan Store:
    Phone:  801-446-9100
     Hours:  Mon to Sat 10 am to 8 pm
                    Sunday closed

Newgate Mall in Ogden  (near Sears)
     Phone:   801-394-1900
     Hours:   Mon to Sat 10am to 9pm
                     Sunday 12pm to 6pm
                     Holiday Hours vary with Mall hours
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